Happy New Year

Happy New year to everyone and may we all have a thrifty 2012 or win lots of cash so we don’t have to be quite so thrifty LOL

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New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a great time to pick up foodie bargains and my top tips are;

1. Check how much room you have in your fridge or freezer. A bargain is only a bargain if you are going to use it. It’s no good hunting down reduced food just to find you have no where to put it.

2. Check out what times your local stores are closing and aim to hit them about an hour and a half before they close.

3. Be prepared for a scrum. You won’t be the only bargain hunter out there. I am off to do battle with mad trolley lady at about 4.30 in Morries.

Enjoy your bargain hunting and I hope you all have lots of luck!

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This New Year

The lovely Mibs is going to be offline for a while and as many of you know Mibs does all the bloggy housekeeping here to make it nice and readable.

I am rubbish at this so please put up with me trying to do it whilst Mibs is not here.

I know I will not do it as well as her (because she is just the best!) but I will try! Please just put up with me until Mibs is back.

Thank you and a huge thanks to Mibs for all your hard work on the blog, because without you it would not be here.

So a big thank you to Mibs, hope all goes well hun!

Lots of love

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Time for the Sales

I love the sales but you can also spend more than you can afford very quickly (normally on stuff you won’t wear or use).

So my biggest tip for the sales is to write one list of things that you need and a second list of things that you want. Only after the need list has been completed and ONLY if there is any money left then the wants list can be addressed.

My own list goes like this;

Needs List
Christmas cards for next year
I pair of PJ’s
I pair of boots (I am still in my summer sandals and I have no winter shoes).

Wants list
One bra
New hairbrush
A cheap waterproof watch
Smellies for presents during the year

I have £30.00 to spend so lets see how I get on 🙂

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Happy Christmas Everyone

Thank you to all my followers and to those who just pop in to the blog. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I hope you all have a lovely day 🙂

Very Best Christmas Wishes

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Christmas Tips Part 5

Christmas Eve
Now this is the time that shops really reduce food!
The best tip I can give is be prepared!
Find out in advance what time the various shops are closing and make your self a timetable for visiting them.
My own goes like this;
M&S closing at 5pm
Waitrose 5pm
Morrison’s 5pm
So I will hit M&S at 4.pm (very quickly look and buy)
Waitrose at 4.20pm
And onto Morrison’s at 4.30
Home by 5.15pm
Lets see what goodies I can get with my remaining £8.00
Happy Christmas

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Christmas on £50 Updated

Right I am now all done.
Total £42.00
Just milk and last min bits to get and £8.00 will more than cover it. I have enough food in for 2 weeks and all the pressies are done and wrapped.
Thank goodness for that!
OK I admit there are no frills this year. No meat, chocolate or nuts and no tasty extras, but the basics are all covered.
I got quite a few very cheap last min bits on Ebay as pressies for OH (costing £3.00 or less inc postage).
The tree is up (my old fake one out the loft which I have mended) with all the decorations that I have had for years (all brass or wood so they are still in good condition).
So here is to a Happy Christmas Everyone!

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