Welcome to my Eating On A Pound Blog

I have started this blog with some inspiration from my friends on  Loquax    after starting a thread on eating for one pound a day. I started the thread because it was near the end of the month and money had basically run out but we still had to eat so I started thrifty shopping (and if you know where and when to look there are big bargains to be had). On this blog I hope that I can inspire you to try thrifty shopping by showing you what I have brought (or not, as thrifty shopping is not an exact science and sometimes I come home with nowt!). I will also do some reviews of the cheaper own brands compared to known brands and update with photo’s and recipes. If you have bagged a bargain or have any tips please join in!


8 Responses to Welcome to my Eating On A Pound Blog

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  2. jill hinnrichs says:

    Loving this blog very much. you are right up my street! My favourite shop is Poundland and this year have been very happy with the dahlias I bought from there. Would recommend ALL the garden items to folks on a budget.

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  5. bwprint says:

    Happy Christmas Sunny.
    I hope you are successful with your last minute Christmas bargain hunting down at the Supermarket and find yourself some really lush and yummy bargains.

  6. bwprint, Thank you and wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a lucky new year.

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  8. Terry says:



    (LYNDA’S MUM.)

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