Ebay free listings

Just a heads up to my followers Ebay is doing a free listing for Easter. From good Friday to Easter Monday.
So if you have unwanted items now is the time to put them on Ebay. TBH I hate Ebay, as what with their fees and paypal you make almost nothing. But with the post going up at the end of April and it being free listing this Easter Now is the time to get rid of any unwanted items without getting fees if the item does not sell.

Also if they don’t sell now is the start of the carboot season so you are quids in…If you can’t Ebay it carboot it!

Good luck everyone hope you can make some cash!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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3 Responses to Ebay free listings

  1. MibsXX says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, personally, although yes, the fees are a tad of a pisstake, overall, eBay is helping me to cover about a third of my bills each month at present, so a handy little extra sideline to have around!
    Long time no hear from, hope all is well for you, Happy Easter hunny xxxxxx

  2. meggyjo says:

    Thanks for that, we have a few things that need getting rid of for some extra cash.

  3. yasminselena says:

    Thanks for the heads up too : ) I only ever list on eBay when the fees are free, last year they were doing it about once a month so I’d basically relist whatever didn’t sell the next time round. I have a bag of summer dresses and some comics that could do with a happy, new home. So fingers crossed here goes! x

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