Look out! look out! burglars about!

Now I might not have much but I’ll be jiggered if I am going to make it easy for the little I have to be nicked!

So please be warned. On new Years day my lovely neighbours garden was broken into and a mountain bike was nicked. We have high fences in small terraced houses and I was in and so were they but we never heard a thing.

A few days later we saw a “hoodie” on a mountain bike trying to take pictures of my front room over the top of my half – net curtains with a mobile phone (shame he was on a bike and got away).

Another neighbour a few houses up had put a note though my door just before Christmas saying could I watch their house as they were away and worried because a couple of scumbags had been seen in our road.

I have now told everyone in my road and we are all on the look out!

So please where ever you are please keep yourselves and all your property safe. If you need locks on your windows these are quite cheap, if you can’t afford them put screws or nails in and screw the windows shut until you can afford them. Yes it’s a pain but better than your stuff getting pinched.

Make sure you lock all your door and don’t leave windows open (even if you are just popping out).

It’s so horrible to think my neighbours were robbed by some scum bag and that thieves are casing our road.

Play it safe and lock up TBH if I could afford a security system I would buy one straight way.

In the mean time please be on the look out and don’t leave valuables where the scum can see them.

Stay safe everyone!



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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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4 Responses to Look out! look out! burglars about!

  1. MibsXX says:

    Can u not borrow a big nasty sounding doggie for a few days? Or at least rig the PC with a tape as it were!

  2. Me with PMT no doggie needed, if the buggers get in they will regret it big time LOL It just makes me awake not nervous. Saying that I should not have to be awake (PMT Plus awake for 36 hours imagine!). Feeling a bit tired…God help them if they wake me up if I get to sleep LOL

  3. meggyjo says:

    That’s awful, what scumbags some people are. I know what it’s like to be burgled, it happened to us a few years ago and last March I caught a lad at 3.30am trying our back door and patio doors, he got away but it leaves me feeling so uneasy all the time and am extra cautious regarding safety these days. The annoying thing is I know the lad who tried to break in but can’t prove anything and he lives close by. Everything has now had extra locks and bolts put on which as you know is a pain but it’s worth it for peace of mind but I never let my guard down. I hope you have no more incidents in your road and the scumbag moves on.

  4. not sure if it available where you are but up here you use could get a visit from a crime prevention officer and he would recommend what you need and give you a 20% off voucher for a local hardware store, but that was a few yrs back. maybe worth a phone call – or why not set up neighbour hood watch ( which you are doing anyway) and that use to have incentives linked to it

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