Happy New Year

Happy New year to everyone and may we all have a thrifty 2012 or win lots of cash so we don’t have to be quite so thrifty LOL


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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6 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. YES THAT WOULD BE MY ultimate win, a pile of vouchers so I could eat properly for a month or 4, some nice meat, fresh fish, fresh fruit decent bread….ooohhh how I drool

  2. Jayne K says:

    Happy New Year

  3. Mary Baldwin says:

    Happy New Year to you too honey.

  4. Jo Marie says:

    Happy new year to you too! hope u find even bigger bargains in 2012 so u have a little extra left over for treats :o)

  5. helen warrener says:

    Happy New Year to everyone on here i think even if i did win lots of cash or vouchers i would still be frugile as its a way of life i can imagine myself saying i am not paying that price for that omg i have turned into my dad lol hope everyone has a very good winning 2012

  6. MibsXX says:

    Can I echo a belated Happy New Year to all, may you all be lucky and happy xxxxxxxxx

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