Time for the Sales

I love the sales but you can also spend more than you can afford very quickly (normally on stuff you won’t wear or use).

So my biggest tip for the sales is to write one list of things that you need and a second list of things that you want. Only after the need list has been completed and ONLY if there is any money left then the wants list can be addressed.

My own list goes like this;

Needs List
Christmas cards for next year
I pair of PJ’s
I pair of boots (I am still in my summer sandals and I have no winter shoes).

Wants list
One bra
New hairbrush
A cheap waterproof watch
Smellies for presents during the year

I have £30.00 to spend so lets see how I get on 🙂


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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10 Responses to Time for the Sales

  1. Jo Marie says:

    Good luck with the sales 🙂 i’m planning to indulge in a winter coat, managed to get through so far with a thin jacket but will take advantage of the offers now . Good idea about the list, think i better make one too- don’t trust myself!

  2. helen warrener says:

    i also want a bra but my need list is also christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year and any pressies for next year that i can get for a song
    goodluck in your bargain hunting

  3. I need a couple of jumpers, 2 new bras, I would like a new jacket ( lost 2 stone over last 2 years and bought my last new jacket long before that) and could do with boots as well.

  4. Looks like we are all off to the sales then :).It really comes to something when between us we have on our lists “indulging in a winter coat” which is such an important thing and not an indulgence, me looking for cheap boots and others looking for bras. All of which are essentual items. Whilst the well off are getting Playstations and new TV’s, we are struggling for everyday stuff we need! Lets hope we all have lots of luck in the sales for our winter and everyday items YES! Good luck everyone! And esp good luck to Jo Marie, because even though my winter coat is 4 sizes to big at least I have one and getting really cold in winter is never a good idea (after having been so ill last year because of that I sure know what I am talking about!).

    Best of Luck to you all and don’t forget to come back and tell us your sale tales 🙂

  5. bwprint says:

    I was keeping an eye out for some new bedding,as some of the duvet covers we have,are looking a bit tired ( much how I feel when I get into bed with them) and have seen better days.
    I was in Sainsburys getting a few groceries and found some lovely duvet sets for our beds at 60% reduction. I got a set for our bed and one for my son’s and a fitted sheet each at half price.
    If these last me the 12 years plus that my other sets have ( and are still currently being used) then I definitely think I have got myself a good bargain.]
    They are from the Tu range and are very nice quality.
    I also got some wrapping paper in plain red and gold foil for 59p,which because it is plain will do for birthday wrapping too.

  6. helen warrener says:

    thats great bwprint i seem to be able to get plenty of years out of my bedding as well
    i managed to get some rolls of wrapping paper for 50p a roll as the poundland was having a half price sale my hubby was in seventh heaven

  7. Got ten rolls of wrapping paper in the sale at Morries for…….drum roll please…….8p a roll 🙂

  8. Jo Marie says:

    Thanks! Hope u got all ur essentials in the sale too!

  9. Thanks Jo Marie, going to have a good nose in town this week Yes! 🙂

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