Christmas Tips Part 5

Christmas Eve
Now this is the time that shops really reduce food!
The best tip I can give is be prepared!
Find out in advance what time the various shops are closing and make your self a timetable for visiting them.
My own goes like this;
M&S closing at 5pm
Waitrose 5pm
Morrison’s 5pm
So I will hit M&S at (very quickly look and buy)
Waitrose at 4.20pm
And onto Morrison’s at 4.30
Home by 5.15pm
Lets see what goodies I can get with my remaining £8.00
Happy Christmas


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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2 Responses to Christmas Tips Part 5

  1. Mibs, this is great. I’m drawing up a closing schedule as soon as I finish here. I hope you and your son have a comfortable, merry Christmas.

    • MibsXX says:

      Hi Kate, this isn’t my blog, it’s all Sunny’s work lol, I simply do a little bloggy housekeeping is all, the fab ideas and planning are ALL the wonderful Sunny’s work! XX
      And thank you, the very same to you and yours ( well, I do hope you’re not trying to move house during Xmas also!?!)

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