Another radio 4 rant

On question time can money make you happy!

I tried to phone in but no luck!

Most of the panel said money can’t make you happy….what planet are you living on?

Yes money can make you happy…If I had money I could go private and get the medical treatment I need, not waiting 4 months plus and not being able to walk far because of a problem that could be sorted!

Yes money could make me happy because I would not have to worry everyday about either paying bills or eating!

Yes money could make me happy because I could have my heating on so I will not get so sick in winter!

Yes money could make me happy because I could be warm!

Yes money could make me happy because if I had more I could eat 5 a day!

Yes money would make me happy because I could dry my clothes at home instead of paying huge sums at the laundrette

Yes money would make me happy because I could afford to have double glazing rather than wet mouldy windows.

Yes money would make me happy because mould makes me ill and with no money I can’t fix the mould problem.

Need I go on…..

Wake up and smell…not the coffee but mould and damp. But the MP’s and others on the programs live in nice houses with a good income so have no idea!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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10 Responses to Another radio 4 rant

  1. mibsxx says:

    If I start replying the way I want to here, I won’t be able to stop…….

    My household disposable income has dropped by around £50 a week over the last two years, purely because of all the extra costs on bills, food, rent etc IMPOSED BY OUR GOVERNMENT……..and if one more do-gooder tries to tell me to budget better, or spend wiser I swear I will do something mean to them. I especially hate those condescending Gov ads banging on about 5 a day, be a good parent and feed your children properly, there ARE jobs out there but no-one wants to work, blah blah blah. The same folks that come up with that stuff are like your radio peeps, don’t live in the real world and have no idea!

    • Go for it Mibs, I am totally fed up! Have a good rant! I needed one, you go girl!

      • mibsxx says:

        A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse………..

        Or in my case, about £5K would give my son and I a complete fresh start somewhere healthier to live and a chance at actually working for ourselves, we wouldn’t be wealthy by any stretch but we’d sure be healthier, happier and able to enjoy life for once!
        I have emailed you hunny, a response proper will be forthcoming tomorrow….ISH xx

  2. No these people truly have no idea. I have (time I work and pay rent) £3 a week above income support level, allowing for expenses to work and a bowl of soup – well you do the maths. I only work weekends but cant get another job as most now want you flexible 5 over 7 so that rules out a 2nd job as I wont give up the one I got with a permanent contract for one that may fall threw,
    Tighten your belt they say – well I dont drink, dont smoke, dont eat carry-outs, never go out socially and buy all my food and cook from scratch – how do you cut back when you only have basics anyway??
    I agree with you a mere 10k would make a huge huge difference to my life style, but 10k is a huge huge sum of money that I will never have to spare,
    I am fortunate I brought my children up at a time children didn’t expect the way they do now, and mine are all off my hands so they are told what I win over the year makes birthday and Christmas presents, I dont win they dont get.
    I would love to go and buy some “nice clothes” instead of living in £5 joggies and £3 t-shirts and trainers at £10 in the sale. My clothes budget for the year is less than £50. My last new jacket 3 yrs ago was bought for me by a friend who felt sorry for me….. I was grateful as we all would be but it is still embarrassing to have to accept this sort of offer but I can not afford to be proud and say no.
    right better stop now but yes some money would make me happy, dont do the lottery as cant afford to take the risk of wasting £2.

  3. Bonnie King says:

    Everything you said in your original post is the same here too. I am working part-time and when / if we ever have any extra money it goes on bills of which we are still behind. We cannot cut out anymore. I would love to get rid of the internet as its so expensive but need it for my course to send assignments. I would love a leg op so I can walk without extreme pain and a garden would be fantastic! Then I could peg out my clothes and not have them smell of damp / mould. We could be warm in the winter which would also improve the damp and my partners asthma (as we get rid of the damp / mould spores).

  4. Julie Hinson says:

    of course money can make you happy,! having no money makes me bloody miserable, my old ma says you cant buy your health or happiness, err.. yes you can ma, if you have money you can have private medical care, you can do anything your little heart desires, i’m in debt up to my eyeballs and nothing would make me happier than paying it off,

  5. maybe we should send our MP’s a ,link to this blog and give them a fantastic, truthful, heart rending, well written picture of what is truly going on in their country, to the people that do the voting.

    • thats not meant to sound condescending hun, though it doesnt read back as well as I tried to write it. It is a fantastic truthful insightful blog as to what is truly happening in this country, one day it may be used in school history books as to the “way life was back in depression at the start of 2012”

  6. Aww Thanks Elaine and it didn’t sound condesending at all.

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