Christmas on £50 Update

Here goes so far I have spent;

75p on cards

£1.50 on wrapping paper

£1.12 on postage

Freebies saved for Christmas so far are 2 small bottles of single malt whisky, 1 small bottle of Bailey’s, 1 bottle cider (full size), 2 bottles of mojito cocktails (full size), 1 bottle of alcoholic ginger beer and a bottle of wine that my neighbour brought me.

Wins saved for Christmas 1 litre of Vodka!

Now for the biggie pressie for the OH….£19.99 on Ebay box opened but never used. New it would have cost £70! I know this makes a huge hole in my budget but I will just have to cut back on other things LOL.

As for the food I have already got my potatoes (I share a large sack with several people down my road) there are enough for between now and New Year. Cost £1.00.


For pressies I have;

6 jars of homemade pickle onions cost £1.30

6 jars of pickled cabbage cost £1.00

7 pots of indoor flowering hyacinths cost £1.50

12 IOU’s cost £0.30 (for printer ink and paper)

2 bundles of homemade postcards cost £0.00

Running total £28.56

Fingers crossed I can come in on budget 🙂


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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3 Responses to Christmas on £50 Update

  1. I read your tip earlier in this series on IOU’s for people. Well I have 4 elderly friends that I visit (Im talking 85+) who have more clothes than they can wear, dont want chocolates, biscuits or alcohol, who for the last few years I have bought them stamps and envelopes – well last weekend I bought a new vax carpet shampooer for my carpets (with money that I got from selling a competition win), so they are all going to get some of my time to clean their carpets, will just cost me a bottle of carpet shampoo, less than a tenner to do 4 of them probably with some shampoo left over for me.
    for my own kids and grandkids I have won piles of books, dvd;s and toys this year along with a fair few sets of smellies and some bits of jewellery, so I am buying nothing for Christmas, even have £40 of Morrisons vouchers and £45 of love to shop vouchers as well. So far I have spent less than £5 on paper and cards, have won 2 bottles of wine, a Christmas cake and a box of chocs from Hotel Chocolat

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