Cheap Christmas Tips part one

Christmas is a very expensive time of the year and trying to do it on a budget whilst keeping everyone happy can be a real strain. Over the next few weeks I will be posting all my tips for a happy but inexpensive Christmas (and none of them involve going to Iceland!).

First Tip:

For friends and family I often make IOU’s. I print them out nicely and put them in festive gold/red envelopes ( gold/red envelopes can be brought very cheaply on eBay or in Poundland). I try to make the IOU’s relevant to each person. For example my friends with children might get IOU’s for 4 hours of baby sitting. A friend who friend loves her garden but finds it hard to do pruning gets an IOU for a day’s gardening.

I have one friend who hates changing her bed (it takes her a long time because she is disabled) so I give her an IOU for 12 bed changes. Last year she told me it was her best present!

IOU’s can be as personal as you like and I find they are very well received. They might cost you time but they don’t cost you money and I find whilst a friend might not like to ask you a big favour like pruning their trees or changing a bed they are much happier cashing in an IOU!

More Christmas tips coming soon…and A happy Christmas to all that read my blog!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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9 Responses to Cheap Christmas Tips part one

  1. fabulous idea, and yes I would imagine it would go down well.we use to do the same years ago…I would babysit for you whilst you go out for the evening and in return you can cut my grass…..or I can paint your bedroom if you can change the washer in my tap type idea. made babysitting free and nights out more restful as long as you were happy with your bigger circle of friends

  2. Arabella B says:

    Brilliant idea, I expect there are quite a few who would never dream of asking a favour and sometimes stepping up and saying I am doing this for you is even more generous than spending money.

  3. mibsxx says:

    Fantastic idea, far better than my scrooge one of simply ignoring Christmas lolol!

  4. Jo Marie says:

    Great idea!! don’t want to sound soppy but offering favours to friends and family probably goes better with the ‘true’ meaning of xmas, rather than just spend spend spend!

  5. Kate Cunningham says:

    Lovely ideas which I’m sure will be greatly appreciated.

  6. Fantastic idea love it and so easy to do xx

  7. queenie68duckie says:

    love the idea i would love someone to do that for me there is a site called fortheloveofit and there are loads of members and you advertise what your good at and then if someone near you can do something for you you get in touch and swap skills

  8. yasminselena says:

    The IOU is a *great* idea : ) I love that! I should comment more often on your site as I love visiting it. I am glad there are others out there who see the true value of things as I do. x

  9. bwprint says:

    Brilliant idea .
    There is so much scope here,so many things that you could do.
    Dog walking,child minding,helping with Algebra Homework ( oh how I wish I could have an IOU present for that one.)

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