Radio 4

I was tuned in to a programme the other day where loads of people where phoning in saying fresh food is cheap and foods high in fat were expensive….Sorry but I can’t remember which programme it was (probably womans hour or you and yours).

Hell no! If you want cheap food at reducing times it is often the high in fat that are reduced and cheap! It is a real struggle to get fresh fruit and veg reduced! What you get reduced is mainly ready meals. As I am on a budget I am not complaining but honestly it’s not that often you get reduced fruit and veg.

People were talking about eating what is in season and how cheap it is to eat this way. What I want to know is where they have been shopping! Not in my town that’s for sure. I know seasonal stuff should be cheaper but it just isn’t (not here anyway).

I guess most Radio 4 listeners have more money than me! Radio 4 I love you, but you need to get more people on who really have to live on a budget! Not people who think £60 + a week to spend on food is being skint!


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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6 Responses to Radio 4

  1. Isobelle Forde says:

    I agree! Occasionally I have been fortunate to grab well reduced granny smith apples, raspberries, spinach,broccoli .. and at one time peaches, all in wonderful juicy condition ..but now the majority of reduced items by 8pm in my local Tesco tend to be raw/cooked meats, cheese,ready meals and other random high fat content foods.

  2. well said – have had a few wins with fresh meat and such like in this year, and boy oh boy are they delicious – but £20 for a piece of lamb barely big enough to feed 2 for 2 nights is a weeks food budget in this house. I would love to buy the best cuts of meat and the in season veg but need to find a rich man to keep me first!!

  3. Alice says:

    I agree. I was in my local Co-Op today. I really wanted some grapes but they were almost £3 for a smallish punnet. On a different aisle they had huge boxes of jaffa cakes for £2 and large bags of crisps for a pound. It’s super easy and cheap to eat quite badly.

  4. mibsxx says:

    Those folks are living in a totally different world to the majority of us, I suspect they are the same brigade that thought up those stupid yellow “Change For Life” leaflets that our Government has spent so much time and money on, great idea IF you can afford it!

  5. On the same point why oh why is it always the pappy white bread that gets reduced never a nice crunchy brown loaf? As for the 5 A Day, well in the summer I can sometimes manage it with toms from the garden and veg grown in pots. But when winter comes there is no way. Why has veg and fruit gone up in price by so much?

  6. mibsxx says:

    Because the greedy supermarkets need bigger profits

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