Morrisons bargains this week

Considering I have only managed to get up to Morrisons once this week it’s not a bad haul!

Not a bad shopping trip!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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4 Responses to Morrisons bargains this week

  1. Jo Marie says:

    Not too shabby at all- well done!

  2. Thanks Jo Marie, and happy bargain hunting 🙂

  3. helen warrener says:

    wow you are doing well my hubby is now impressed and wants to know where you are getting it from lol i said morrisons and i think he thinks that everyone will be able to get these things all the time he would go insane if he had to shop at the reduced counter thats why i do it instead otherwise we would have no food to eat at all he would storm out the shop got no patience

  4. Hi Helen, you are so right I’ve only taken OH up at reducing time once. We were standing by the reduced stuff waiting for it to be reduced further when he said how long will this take? I said could be ten mins could be an hour, at which point he stuffed a couple of pounds into my hand and said he was going home!

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