Research Panels & Free Products

A great way to get free samples of products (often full size) is to join a research panel. There are lots around but some of the best ones are Tesco’s Home Panel, The Elle Panel, BzzAgent and supersavvyme. If you know of more good research panels please feel free to add to this post or give us your comments on how you have got on with being on a research panel.

I am a member of several research panels myself and have tested out everything from hair dye to saucepans. I have saved many a pound this way and tried out many products that I would not have normally brought.

One of the first products I ever had to test was a saucepan (which I still have over ten years later LOL). I had to test it over two weeks, which was no problem at all. Then I had to fill in a shortish questionnaire. All in all (including time spent cooking with the saucepan) was about two hours. What did I get out of it? A saucepan that would have cost me over £50 in the shops. This is how I got hooked on research panels!


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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8 Responses to Research Panels & Free Products

  1. tracy messenger says:

    I recently applied for the tesco panel, still waiting to hear back from them. I have been doing the shop and scan for a while which is very easy to do.

  2. Thanks for that Tracy, hopefully it will help others who want to take part in research panels or as you have suggested shop and scan 🙂

  3. I got an e-mail back from Tesco during the week saying I didn’t fit their criteria. well Im human, I shop in Tesco, I use their home delivery every month, dont know whats not to fit but que sera as they say!!
    Been using bzzagent for a number of years and use to do Royal Mail survey but they took me out of that when I moved house despite the fact I would have used same post boxes.

  4. Hi Elaine (and thank you very much for your contributions to this blog 🙂 ) I know the panels and research people can be a bit fussy with who they take on (I have no idea who they are aiming at sometimes). I have had a few rejections myself over the years. Have you tried the supersavvyme? They seem quite flexible with criteria. 🙂

  5. mibsxx says:

    I do the TNS scan your shop one, which has proved very useful in Argos vouchers for Christmas gifts for my son over the years, got turned down flat for tescos lol, mind you my meagre shop prob wasn’t good enough for them! LOL

  6. Victoria Ritson says:

    Clix Research is a great testing site. There’s a rather lengthy start up questionnaire, but it’s worth it. I’ve tested, hand creams, lip gloss, moisturisers, body scrub and loads of other things. And you get to keep the product.

  7. Thanks for that info Victoria 🙂

  8. helen warrener says:

    thanks for that victoria i have just filled in the registration any extra pennys will come in very handy

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