More Morrisons Madness

Arrived at Morries late because I got held up whilst walking though the car park (by a lady who lives up my road). When I finally got there I spotted mad trolley lady’s lackies hanging around by the newspapers.

I rushed (well as fast as I can anyway), over to the reduced fresh produced section. Just in time to see her put 12 hotpots and 15 curries into her trolley. Mad dash to reduced bread but beaten again, one of her lackies had cleaned out the reduced bread (36 rolls and 14 loaves of bread).

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted another bargain hunter, said hello and moved on to dented tins which is near to the booze where the lovely security guards are, I stopped for a quick chat…Then it happened OMG

The other bargain hunter (who has also had his legs bashed by her and his grandson who had been also bashed by her although he is only 7 years old) had seen mad trolley lady’s bread trolley left unattended (MTL always has at least three trolley’s on the go) and pinched it and hid it down the freezer section. I stood back and watched from my corner by dented tins, thinking I would just watch this craziness from a distance…

But no, MTL rushes over to me and accuses me of taking her trolley and starts waving her fist at me and screaming like a crazy woman. security came over and what a ding-dong went on. She was shouting at the top of her lungs that I always steal her bargains and that I was the woman from hell, spoiling her business and that I make her crazy.


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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10 Responses to More Morrisons Madness

  1. mibsxx says:

    Words fail me……………hopefully she will now get banned

  2. Footpather says:

    That is completely ridiculous. Like Mibs says she ought to be banned for this aggressive behaviour. Why can’t she live and let live. Good on you for keeping a positive attitude though.

  3. Tony Stamp says:

    That is just insanity – sounds like greed on her part too.

  4. MTL is completely crazy. She resells most of the food she gets around the bedsits in town. I really don’t know why Morrisons have not banned her. MacDonalds and various other places in town have. Hey ho just another mad shopping day đŸ™‚

  5. helen warrener says:

    that is total madness i wonder what she meant by you spoiling her business is she selling the stuff on at higher prices i wonder maybe a few of the others need to report her and the management will ban her shops don’t want that kind of hassle so would probably deal with her quickly hope you beat her to the goodies next time

  6. Thanks Helen, yes thats what she does she sells it on to people in the bedsits in town. I am on to it to see if I can get anything thing done. Not because she beats me to the bargains, that’s fair enough but she is so aggresive.

  7. helen warrener says:

    totally agree maybe next time she hurts someone they should hit the deck and scream in pain whether it hurts or not and demand an ambulance and for her details to be took so she can be claimed against (i must admit i don’t like the sue culture) but i bet it would put the wind up her if she thought she would get done for assault lol that would be a picture. Ibet the bloke who hid her trolley felt awful for you getting the flack but he probably had a good laugh as well happy hunting

  8. meggyjo says:

    She sounds like such a bully, you’re a braver woman than me that’s for sure.

  9. Jo Marie says:

    Jeez she sounds a little crazy! have to admit it does get a little heated around reduction time where I go too, but still should be polite and non-aggressive. And can’t believe she would sell the food on at a profit, didn’t realise people would do that. However that does explain why the woman (where i go for my bargains) fills her trolley everyday with a load of 10p cream cakes etc.. (enough to feed 10 families, nevermind 1!) .. she’s about a size 8 so knew she wasn’t getting them for herself! She’s also been quite rude, especially to staff, as she stands over them while they’re putting the reduced stickers on, and tells them to do it faster!

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