A good bargain day at Morrisons

Had to hang around for about 45 mins but got some nice bargains.

9p Black pudding

Cheap Cheese

Very cheap 19p sausages


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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8 Responses to A good bargain day at Morrisons

  1. mibsxx says:

    That settles it, we moving in with you!
    Great bargains there am now soo jealous!

  2. Mibs you would be welcome hun LOL 🙂 I often wish you lived nearby so I could share with you both.

  3. Tony Stamp says:

    LOL, my husband would be proud of those bargains!! He and his colleagues do what they call the whoopsie run on a nightshift. They head out to ASDA and pick up whole cooked chickens for 20p and french bread for 5p…feeds them all. He came home with a £32 turkey for £5 last year! 🙂

  4. our store just never ever do this type of bargains, sometimes the knock down prices make the item more expensive then the bogof or 2 for 3 or whatvever offers are on

    • Sorry to hear that Elaine. Unfortuately with Morries I think it is up to the individual store managers what the reductions are and some would rather throw the food away than reduce it. Have you tried Marks and Spencer? Their reducing policy should be countrywide rather than it being up to individual managers.

  5. bwprint says:

    They are due to put in a new Morrison store just short walk from where I live.
    It will probably be a couple of years before it is built,but guess where I will be heading ( especially if they have as good as bargains as I see here!)
    When were down in West Somerset,( Minehead ) this summer for our holiday,we often popped into the Morrison there and got some lovely foodie bargains.
    If we ever go to a town where there is a Morrison store,I always end up in it and usually find a bargain of some sort.

    • bwprint you will love having a Morries. I swear I have saved so much on food since mine opened. Ok I must admit my road is busier because of it (I am 3 mins walk from Morries), but once you work out the reducing times you will save a packet. Looking forward to seeing your foodie bargains when it opens 🙂

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