Grow indoor hyacinths Fantastic cheap Christmas Pressies

I know I hate to see the C word this early too, but if you want to give a lovely and cheap pressie of indoor flowering hyacinths you have to start within the next week or so as the process takes approx 9 to 10 weeks from start to finish.

Poundland had a bag full of heat-treated hyacinth bulbs this week, for you guessed it £1.00. 20 bulbs in the bag. These are many other places you can get them from for about the same money.

To make a nice pressie I use three bulbs.

Here’s how to do it;

Almost fill a 3in pot with moist bulb fibre or compost, and then push one bulb in gently to half its depth (these bring my skin up so I advise wearing gloves) do this x 3 for one good display pot for a pressie. I normally do about 20 pots (makes four to five pressies).

Place in a cool dark place and check bulbs regularly and water if the compost feels dry.

When shoots show, wait until they are about 2in high and transplant three plants into a pot of approx 7 to 8 inches.

Fill the gaps with more compost or bulb fibre and place in a light place  to flower (a windowsill works a treat). They should be flowering just in time to give as a lovely Christmas pressie.

Add a ribbon and there you have it! If you buy a pot of three in the shops nearer Christmas it’s going to set you back at least five or six pounds. This way you have done it for about 50p per finished pressie.

Another quick tip. Rather than buying the pots try freecycle. There always seem to be people giving pots away on there. Two years ago I picked up 50 pots from one guy and these will see me though at least two more years.

Also try carboots or jumble sales for more fancy cheap pots.


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