Please pass on any Bargain hunting stories or general household money saving Tips

I love to hear about bargains and household money-saving tips. Please feel free to post yours here. This blog is here to help everyone so please if you have a tip post it! Thank you.


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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5 Responses to Please pass on any Bargain hunting stories or general household money saving Tips

  1. bwprint says:

    We eat a lot of potatoes in our household,find them very versatile for so many different meals,but it would be a waste ( being that we are only a household of 3) to buy great sacks of spuds,so with this in my mind I only get enough spuds in for the few days I know I will be needing them for. I have found that our local supermarkets ( as well as having reduced bread products on a regular basis ) also have regular reduced spuds too,so I keep my eyes peeled for a good spud bargain.
    I went into Tesco yesterday and picked up a packet of four baked spuds for 30p and a bag of some finest new potatoes at 50p. These will keep us going for a good few days now.

    I also got some nice fresh veggies in the reduced veg area of Tesco : A couple of bags of a ready chopped mixed stew pack normally a £1,was down to just 20p a pack. Although I don’t usually use prepared veg in this way ,this seemed such a bargain to me,too good to pass by.
    I have used the veg to make up some soup,very tasty and with the reduced wholemeal rolls I got ( 48p for a packet of 6 ) a wholesome and cheap lunch for the next few days.

    • Great Tip, thank you bwprint. Totally agree with you about spuds, there are only two of us so a big sack would go to waste. I do they same as you and just buy what we need when they are reduced or on a really good offer. Sounds like your tesco has some great bargains! I bet your soup was better than any expensive stuff you can buy! Homemade soup and bread rolls, you are making me feel hungry…drool…drool.

  2. bwprint says:

    Yes,the soup is delicious,even if I do say so myself and as I am trying to keep my salt intake to a minimum ( lowering blood pressure and weight ) I find making fresh soup in this way a much healthier way to do it than buying shop brought soups and you can make much more too,than you would get for a tin or packet of soup.

  3. Jo Marie says:

    Hiya! great tips on here! Just to say, not sure if you (or any blog followers) have an M&S food hall nearby but in the past couple of months, they’ve changed the way they reduce stuff and can sometimes pick up some really good bargins! My local M&S closes at 8pm and starts reducing stuff afternoon time. Then at 7pm (ish) there’s a mad dash as products gets reduced further to 50p or even 10p! The other day i managed to get a few bags of stir fry veg for 10p and some tenderstem broccoli packs for 10p too. Veg/bakery/dairy items tend to go for 10p while ready meals, meat and posh desserts generally go for 50p.

  4. Great bargains Jo Marie and many thanks for the M&S tip 🙂

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