Carboot sales

Well after our lovely few sunny days it looks like autumn is really here, and that means that in most places the carboot season is coming to an end.

So if you have a loft full of tat (oops I mean valuable collectables), now is the time to do a carboot before it gets too cold and wet.

Here are my top carbooting tips;

1) Get there early to get a good pitch, I like to get one quite near to the entrance if I can. Especially if it is a carboot with the entrance being the same as the exit point.

2) Look happy. Yes I know it’s silly O’clock in the morning but buyers will spend more time looking at your stall if you are smiley and chatty.

3) When you pitch up, get your table up but leave all your goods locked in the boot. Get back in the car and have a nice cup of tea (always take a thermos flask). Professional carbooters and dealers swarm over those who set up their stalls early and have even been known to jump into the boots of cars to rummage. They will offer silly prices and then sell the goods later on for a lot more on their own stalls. It is also hard to keep an eye on your goods if this happens and things are likely to go walkabout. So just take your time.

4) If you can get someone else to help you on the stall. This helps to stop people stealing and also allows you breaks to go to the loo.

5) Take some food with you. I know you won’t feel hungry at daft o’clock but by lunchtime you will be and you don’t want those profits thrown away on expensive takeaway food.

If you have top carboot tips please feel free to add them here.


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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10 Responses to Carboot sales

  1. do people really steal 2nd hand tat (or valuables) from car boots?? what is the world coming to?

  2. Hi Elaine, yep they really do. My first carboot many moons ago I set out my stall nice and early, got surounded by dealers and before I knew it at least ten of my more expensive items had gone walkabout. I found it quite upsetting as I never expected that to happen. A friend of mine works in a charity shop and they also have a terrible time with people stealing. Sad but true.

  3. Footpather says:

    Don’t forget to take a supply of carriers with you as you are always being asked for them. Also have a float with plenty of change in it. Have some ‘everything’ boxes eg ‘everything 50p’ or ‘everything Ā£1’.

  4. mibsxx says:

    Don’t forget that some church halls etc are still running INDOOR sales, where you can hire a table out of the nasty weather, you’d definately need a helping pair of hands for that one though, I used to do a lot of car boots and markets, and always had problems with things disappearing

  5. Mary Baldwin says:

    Carboot sales may be over for the season, however I have discovered that on facebook there are lots of local buying/selling groups. I simply typed “town-name” buy & sell and found it quite easily. I have some clothes and games that I’m planning on trying to sell on there, if nobody responds then I’ve lost nothing, and if they do, then I’ll have saved on the ebay fees.

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