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More food bargains

More recent bargains at Morrisons. There is still cheap food to be had if you know where to look. Don’t go for the weightwatchers cakes though, they tasted like washing-up liquid YUK! The chicken peri peri (six lots at 19p each) were very nice according to my OH.


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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2 Responses to Recent bargains

  1. bwprint says:

    Got a great bargain from Tesco supermarket recently.
    I couldn’t believe it when I saw that they had loads of fresh 1lb packets of lean mince selling at just 40p a packet,( yes,really just 4op! ) I got myself £2 worth and put it in the freezer.They charge a lot more than 40p for lean mince,so this was a deal I couldn’t resist.
    I could have got more,but didn’t want to be greedy and besides I don’t think I could get away with giving my hubby mince every night of the week,even if it was cheap.
    I think it was cheap because they drastically over stocked and it was a little short dated if I remember but nothing so bad it was about to go off or anything and well worth a stock up for the freezer.

  2. Fantastic bargain bwprint, thank you for sharing 🙂

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