I love freebies!

Just a few freebies

Today there seem to be more freebies around than ever. Just a few I have had recently are pizza, toothpaste, cocktails in a bottle, baileys, marmite, soup, bread, shreddies, cheese, crisps, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, razors and lots more. Companies seem to be using the “print your own voucher system” alot nowdays. I will try to put links to the freebies I find here, but often you have to be very quick.

Facebook is a great place to find companies offering freebies, it is worth joining just for them (and it’s free), you don’t have to make your details available to all just check your privacy settings. Personally I only use facebook for entering competitions and freebies and I don’t use it to keep contact with friends or family.

Word of warning though, on the web not all freebies are what they seem so do take care to check out the offer before you fill in your details. Anything I post here will already have been checked carefully out by me!

Just another plug for my fav site   Loquax    they often have fab freebies posted by users so check it out!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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