Tip of the Day: Old Tights and Stockings

Ok I know it sounds weird, but there are so many uses for old stockings and tights that are beyond repair. Here are a couple of my favourites!

If you cut old stockings or tights from left to right so that they make a ring (about twenty rings per leg) they make perfect hairbands. Much better than the ones you buy in the shops with that horrid metal bit that catches the hair! and it takes just a few seconds!

I also use this same method to tie plants to their stakes in the garden!

I also use an old stocking to place my soap in after a bath. You just put the soap in and then tie the stocking onto a tap. That way any water on the soap drips down the plughole and you don’t waste soap (from it going yucky and slimmy in a soap dish). Next time you use the soap it is lovely clean and dry.

Talking of soap, when I get those tiny bits left of a bar of soap (you know the bits that often just end up down the plughole). I save them up put all the bits into an old stocking, tie the stocking as close to the soap as possible, and cut off the excess stocking and there you have a lovely foaming bath mitt.

More odd uses of things coming soon!


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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9 Responses to Tip of the Day: Old Tights and Stockings

  1. mibsxx says:

    Not as weird as the tip I was given to watch out for when buying old bangers that may have had the “tights” treatment! lol

  2. Mibs tell more what on earth is the tights treatment? Sounds interesting esp as we might need another old banger in the near future LOL

    • mibsxx says:

      It’s where the true state of an engine gets disguised by adding choppedup old tights to the engine oil, makes it sound smoother and the oil look better when you check the dipstick….unfortunately it usually hides a totally clapped out engine!

  3. mibsxx says:

    Way to check when buying old car is to take dipstick out of engine and rub the oil on the end between your fingers….hubby might know what I mean ( didn’t mean to sound sexist there BTW) you can tell if you’re used to working on older cars…else ask your local friendly garage to “let you have a feel” lol bet that’ll make em smile a bit! 🙂

  4. LOL Mibs…Not sure if I should ask my local garage “to let me have a feel” Phew might end up with more than I thought LOL. On the other hand I do have a lovely honest local garage….Swift Motor Services Ltd…they have kept my old car on the road for many a year! Big plug now for my fav garage; Swift Motors, Station Road, Worthing, 01903 230017. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area!

  5. Joan Rowan aka MountainAsh says:

    I’m always losing scrunchies and never thought of cutting up my tights. I have a drawer full of new ones that have not been worn and never will. I wish that I had seen this tip ages ago!

    Many Thanks!

    • Excellent Joan, glad the blog has been of some use to you 🙂 If it helps anyone save a few pennies I am very pleased and honestly they do make great hairbands:)

  6. elizabeth brown says:

    Black opaque Tights are the best for cutting up/shredding..but try to use 80 denier or more..[old school tights usually]..

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