Tip for Today: Make do and mend

Although nearly all my clothes come from jumble or carboot sales, sometimes they just wear out. If they do I remove all buttons, zips and anything elce that might be useful and put them in my sewing box, before recycling the said item.

I have mended many clothes by using my sewing kit and the bits I have saved in it. I am not a great sewer but with just basic skills you can mend or even update clothes.

Yesterday I mended a pair of shoes using glue and an old rubber car mat that I found in a skip. They should last at least another six months and honestly you can’t tell they have been mended.

Mending and adding or changing clothes/shoes can be quite fun when you get into it. Beads and buttons are great, you can really make things look different and new.

Go on give it a go, it’s fun 🙂


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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2 Responses to Tip for Today: Make do and mend

  1. nickimumof5 says:

    I bought a lovely pair of suede boots from M and S last year but have gone through the sole-it’s completely flat,any idea’s.

  2. Hi Nicki, if you could let me know a few more details I may be able to help. Is it a hole in the sole that has gone right though? and what is the sole made of? If you don’t want to completely mend them yourself a good cobbler should be able to mend them for about a fiver.

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