Tip of the Day Carboots and Jumble sales

I honestly can’t remember the last time I brought clothes from a shop (apart from bras and knickers). Whilst I love to look at all the latest fashions I simply can’t afford them.

Many moons ago charity shops were my main source of clothes, but over the years they have become more and more expensive (due no doubt to rent increases and other taxes, which is a real shame).

Now days I go to carboots and even better local jumble sales where you can still dig through big piles of clothes and come home with some real bargains.

OK I do admit sometimes sorting though huge piles of clothes can be a smelly business, but dig deep there are still lots of lovely clothes to be had very cheaply and a good old wash soon sorts them out.

The last thing I brought was a jacket at a jumble sale. I had no idea what the label was, I just loved the lining and the cut of it. After giving it a hand wash I googled it. New it would have cost over £100, I brought it for 10p. I still get people asking me where I brought it as it is so unusual, and yes I tell them it was from a jumble sale. There is nothing to be ashamed of!

So have a go and have a good old rummage you never know what you can find!


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I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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4 Responses to Tip of the Day Carboots and Jumble sales

  1. mibsxx says:

    Amazingly, I was brought up on jumble sale clothing, and got picked on endlessly for it at school, but nowadays it is totally fashionable!
    Shame there aren’t many of them where I am cos I would so love to go a rummaging!

  2. Mibs had the same bullying myself because of having most things from the thrift shop. But now I really think things have changed as you said, now jumble is fashionable if you are over 13. Still think it’s not good for little ones though and although I live on secondhand I think a school age little one might find it hard going with their peers.

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  4. Footpather says:

    My daughter has had second hand clothing all her life and no-one knows unless I tell them. We’ve had them passed on from friends whose children were a bit older, charity shops, car boot sales and occasionally jumble sales. She is 14 now and can’t wait when I come home with another bag full of stuff. The great thing is if there are things she doesn’t like they are passed on to charity shops. If there are things that she feels she wants to alter then there are no problems with that either.

    I rarely buy new for myself unless it is an absolute bargain. I am always being complimented on my outfits. I love it and miss the car boots in winter time.

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