Tip of the Day Pets

Ok so if we are honest  our love of pets costs,  food, vet bills and other bits.

After my last cat died at age 18 I said no more pets….A year later stray cat turns up (I call him bad penny/need a to spend a penny). He came in and within ten minutes I knew he was riddled with fleas and liked to wee in the house.

Not wanting to pay the vet a huge amount for flee treatment I got on the net. I can highly recommend this site for flee and worming http://www.petmeds.co.uk. About a third off what you would pay your vet. I am not paid by this site and am recommending them only on my own use of them.


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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2 Responses to Tip of the Day Pets

  1. mibsxx says:

    You softy you, that’s pretty much how I ended up with my zoo lol, great advice re the pet supply site though, there’s plenty of things you can treat at home yourself, just apply common sense

  2. Got me in one MIbs, softy that’s me! Why is it that the poorest of us end up looking after the pets others have thrown out! Oh well at least they are safe with us. 🙂

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