Open answer to Do you enjoy eating on a pound a day

A very nice lady PM’ed me on Loquax to ask if I enjoyed eating on a pound a day.

I thought I would share the answer with you all.

NO! (but I do like it when I’ve bagged a real bargain like the Thorntons Chocolate cake).

It is really stressful, I hate crowds and confict which there is a plenty when you need to get bargains. I long to do a normal shop and miss fresh fruit terribly. I even get trolley envy! I really find it much harder to feed me as a veggie than my OH, as meat products aways seem to get reduced where as the veggie stuff is hardly ever reduced. His diet is much more varied than mine with different curries and meats, mine seems to be pasta, pasta, pasta.

I admit I am now taking a multi vit everyday because I am worried that I am not getting all that I should out of food.

It is not a sob story, but one many people in the UK are going though today. They either pay the rent/mortgage and give up most other things or you loose your place to live. I wish the government would wake up to this! What some MP’s spend on a lunch has to last us well over a month on all our food and bills!

It’s even harder if you have kids (which we don’t). I know people who can’t afford waterbills and have to bath only once a week, we are not on a water meter, but I know people who are and they are in water poverty!.

What country do we live in where you have to restrict the amount of water you drink from the tap each day!

While the fat cats get fatter, the rest of us struggle just to keep body and soul together…So ends my rant. Love to all!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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2 Responses to Open answer to Do you enjoy eating on a pound a day

  1. mibsxx says:

    Don’t get trolley envy, most folks are probably choosing not to pay their bills so they can still fill up the trolley, or relying on expensive overdrafts/credit cards. I actually got a comment from someone the other day in Iceland ( not my favourite shop BUT they deliver for free!) as BabyMibs and myself actually for the first time in ages filled a trolley to brimming level…she asked how many kids I had for so much shopping….I think she was a bit surprised when I said it wasn’t a weekly shop, that little lot was going to last us about two months!

  2. Aww Mibs so glad to hear you could do a big shop! Great news! Now I hope you will be eating this month or you will fade away! I totally understand why you go without so little mibs can have good food, but we all love your blog and you do need to eat.

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