Tip of the Day: Getting the most out of your products

So many times when my OH has thought he had squeezed every drop out of the toothpaste/ foundation (that’s mine not his lol)/ anything in a tube, I cut it open only to find there is lots still in there.

Just last week he complained the toothpaste had run out, but when I cut the tube open we still had another two weeks toothpaste in there. Top tip: Cut the opposite end to the nozzle, then use the lid if it is a nice round big one, to block the cut off end to stop it drying out. If the lid is no good to seal the tube just use some cling film (there is so much of this on food today that I don’t buy it I just recycle it).

Lipsticks are terrible for waste, once the top of the lipstick is gone don’t bin it! Use a childs small paintbrush (available in packs of 20 for a pound at poundland or most pound/99p shops) to dig down, honestly you will find you can almost get the same amount again out of it. This works just as well for concealers.

Just a word of warning (elf and safety LOL). If you are cutting a metal tube (and I don’t recommend it) be very careful, the metal can end up in the product or you can cut yourself quite badly on the edge (yep I’ve done both).

Happy saving to you all.


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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One Response to Tip of the Day: Getting the most out of your products

  1. mibsxx says:

    Instead of cutting a toothpaste tube open, have you not tried starting from the bottom end and using an eating knife handle to flatten and push past up the tube, as you flatten up, roll the flattened edges up so paste cant come back down
    Agree with the cling film on bought food, there is far too much packaging on products

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