Morrisons Madness

Nowt, Nothing, Nada…I need bread and milk but there were no bargains to be had. Actually let me amend that. Mad Trolley lady has now taken to going to the reduced fresh bread when it is reduced to half price, sticking her finger in the loaves/rolls so no one elce buys them, she then hangs around and waits for them to reduced further to 19 or 9p. Sorry but skint as I am, I am not buying bread someone has stuck their fingers in, I’d rather go without! She collected about 8 loaves and loads of rolls because of doing this! Madness at morrisons LOL


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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6 Responses to Morrisons Madness

  1. mibsxx says:

    I’d bliddy report her, the witch!
    Honestly there are some horrible oiky folks on this planet!

  2. Your right mibs she is NASTY and when I call her mad trolley lady I don’t mean that in a mental health way. She is just greedy and nasty. Today she had three of her little gang with her. One stationed by fresh reduced veg, one by the chiller, her by fresh bread and one by cakes, all with one central trolley. When they come on mass you have no chance. Morrisons managers know all about her but don’t do anything. When they are on mass like that I have to just walk away or they get into all the pinching, spitting and running you over with the trolley and to be honest my health just is not up to that kind of abuse (my mouth can fend them off but the body is a bit weak LOL).

  3. lynn savage says:

    Wow, mad trolley lady sounds like a real nasty basketcase. You should complaim about her, especially as she is putting her fingers in products which is a health hazard. If you feel it would help tell the manager you will be notifying trading standards health dept about their unwilling ness to do something about someone who is blatently touching products so others can’t buy them (it doesn’t matter if the products are reduced)

    • LOL Lynn she really is a piece of work! I reported it again today and the manager has put a tail on her now whenever she goes into the shop. She must of noticed because she left before reducing time and she never ever does that. I thought the security guard was tailing me until he gave me the nod and a wink.

  4. Well hunted Mibsxx so pleased for you and little Mr mibs. So much you can do with bread and eggs…Now you’ve got me drawling over boiled egg and soldiers yum yum

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