Tip of the Day Vouchers

Free This water

I love vouchers! The vouchers I like best are for free things. A recent offer by Birds Eye Rice Fusions was a great one, all you had to do was like them on facebook and print out your free voucher and bobs your uncle free rice!

Quite a few companies have been giving out vouchers to those who liked them on facebook and these kinds of vouchers run out very quickly (normally they only give a few dozen out). So it is well worth while going and liking companies who make products or sell food that you enjoy, so that you will get the heads up via email if they are giving anything away. I recently got some lovely free cheese this way.

One competition that you will find on bottles of This Water (thanks DocPetra on   Loquax    for the heads up on this one). Seems to be giving you a free bottle voucher every time you enter a code from a previously brought bottle. In other words buy one bottle enter the code online get a voucher for a free bottle, enter that code online….get another free bottle and so on. I have had a free bottle everyday for the last month. Look out for the bottles that are flashed with Win the perfect summer. How long this will last who knows so you better get in quick!

There is however a dark side to using vouchers, which is often caused by assistants at the till or store policy. The big refusal! A great example of this happened to me just last night with my This Water voucher. Popped into Morrisons on a bargain hunt armed with my this water voucher, got to the till and the cashier inspected my voucher, reinspected my voucher and then told me very loudly that the voucher was not real and that she had seen loads of fakes like mine. Lots of tutting and comments under the breath from the people behind. I insisted she call the supervisor as it was not a fake…supervisor came and all was fine, but in some stores they will flatly refuse vouchers be these ones you print off yourself or cut from magazines etc. Be warned if you get embarrassed easily maybe vouchers are not for you!


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