Bargains Not a Lot

A bit of crumpet

Thanks to mad trolley woman (who you might just have seen me mention before LOL). The real 19p chiller cabinet bargains at Morrisons have stopped for now. It turns out she was reselling the food for a profit to people in the bedsits near to where she lives (I did wonder what one person could do with a couple of dozen sandwiches that were on their sell by date). So for now things are only being reduced to 75p or so, still a bargain for those who have the money, but beyond my price range. I hope if she gives up going there they may come back! Just goes to show it only takes one persons greed to ruin it for everybody!

Still my freezer has been very handy in the last week as it was full of bargain food I had put away.

Managed to get a few bits though with crumpets at 19p a pack (Morrisons). Sandwiches at Tesco’s express on Sunday reduced to 10p and sushi (yuk!) at Waitrose reduced to 25p (the stray cat loved it so did OH ).


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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