Morrisons bargains Today

Not a lot to be honest! The guy who normally reduced the chilled cabinet was not there, So I moved swiftly on to bread;

1 Large white loaf 19p

Mr Kipling tarts 2 packets 9p each (six tarts in each pack)

6 White Rolls 9p

4 wholemeal rolls 9p

Large flat bread thingy tomato and basil (will go nicely with pasta) 9p

Mad trolley lady was there with two elderly men in tow, but just walked about hissing at folk (whats that all about!)

Went back to chiller cabinet but it was a new girl doing reducing and rather than doing it there, she was by the veg reducing a guys whole trolley full..looked weird but I had bagged a few bargains so was not bothered. It turned out it was her uncle…When I asked if the meat was being reduced she was very rude and said and I quote “go hassle someone else” Well I’ve never had that reaction in Morrisons before. You live and learn! I must learn to hassle people better LOL


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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