Tip of the day Bargain Hunting be prepared

When looking for the reduced bargains have a look at sell by dates and suitability for freezing before the stuff gets reduced further. If they have, say, 10 packets of steak all with today’s date on you can be pretty sure they will get reduced right down.

Always know how much room you have in your freezer or icebox and take this into consideration when bargain hunting. No point working hard to nab a good deal and then finding you have no room for it.

It is no good getting ten cartons of curry even if they are 9p,  if they can’t be frozen and need eating in the next couple of days (unless you have a large family). It’s never a bargain if you have to throw stuff out.

On the odd occasion you do over buy because you just can’t resist that huge cake for 9p, think about sharing with friends or neighbors. It’s good to make others happy with your bargain hunting!

Good luck to you all!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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