Snarling in Morrisons

7pm tonight I made my dash to Morrisons to see what was reduced. Made my way from the chilled food reduced section (as nowt was reduced yet) on towards the bread and cakes. When who should I encounter but mad trolley lady (those who follow thread on Loquax    know who I mean). For everyone else here is a little bit about her.

She stalks around Morrisons (normally with a friend or her husband in tow) with a huge trolley with stuff all ready reduced in it (stuff reduced to £1.39 not the 19p bargains). She then pushes through to the front of the reducing shelf and she takes all their reduced stuff out the trolley and puts it back on the shelf blocking that bit of the shelf from anyone else. They wait for all their stuff to be reduced further down to 19p and put it all back in their trolley again.

She also regularly just sweeps her arm over the reduced sandwiches knocking every single one into her trolley and does the same with reduced boxed salad.

OK, so your thinking that doesn’t sound that bad just a bit greedy. But mad trolley lady is also a Vicious Beastie when trying to bag the bargains. She thinks nothing of running over your feet with her trolley or ramming you in the back with it. She has even been known to shove pushchairs out of the way and snatch food out of other peoples hands. She pinches and pushes both customers and staff, so who is this crazy lady I hear you all ask? She must be fit and very fast to nab all those bargains! Well  She’s about 4 ft tall and about 110 years old and terrifies the whole of Morrisons!

Back to the beginning of my story. There she was waiting to pounce by bread and cakes. I saw her creep forward as the reduced price stickers came out, getting herself in a prime position to launch. So with trusty wire basket in hand I run down the isle as I pass she snarls, and twists to swear at me, but with my eyes on the prize I reach over the top of her and nab my bargain of the day! 6 rolls for 19p…What A Palaver!. Good job I’ve still got bargains in the freezer!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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