Meals for today



Breakfast; Two slices of organic toast and one apple (the loaf was 9p reduced and put in the freezer, the apples were reduced last week at 19p for six)

Total 5p

Lunch; Spinach and ricotta pasta (again!) with salad leaves from the garden and one free tomato

Total 9p

Dinner; More pasta (yuck totally sick of it) with the most lovely grated cheese (free from Collier’s FB page, thanks to lucidlupin), one slice of bread, salad leaves and two satsumas and and another apple.

Total 20p

Drinks; Two bottles of this water (free with vouchers, thanks docpetra), plain tap water the rest of the time.

My total for today 34p


Breakfast; Cereal (free from Kellogg by saving codes and getting a voucher). Two slices of toast and an apple.

Total 5p

Lunch; Cheese on toast (cheese free see above), an apple and two satsumas

Total 11p

Dinner; Salad and steak with three slices of bread. One dented can of fruit.

Total 22p

Drinks; This water two bottles (free with vouchers), tap water and three cups of tea (with reduced milk from the freezer).

Total 11p

His total 49p

Daily combined total 83p


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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