Hello and welcome to my eating on a pound blog

I have started this blog with some inspiration from my friends on Loquax   after starting a thread  on eating for one pound a day. I started the thread because it was near the end of the month and money had basically run out but we still had to eat so I started thrifty shopping (and if you know where and when to look there are big bargains to be had).

On this blog I hope that I can inspire you to try thrifty shopping by showing you what I have brought (or not, as thrifty shopping is not an exact science and sometimes I come home with nowt!).

I will also do some reviews of the cheaper own brands compared to known brands and update with photo’s and recipes.

If you have bagged a bargain or have any tips please join in!


About sunnyworthing

I am a woman on a mad mission to cut my food bills!
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8 Responses to Hello and welcome to my eating on a pound blog

  1. lynn savage says:

    Hi there, I’ve been reading your Loquax thread, it’s been really interesting. Well done to you on your amazing bargain hunting, I sometimes do this too and I got a fab bargain on Tuesday – a whole salmon for £1.91 in Asda. I measured it at 72cm long. I cut it up into 15 lovely fillets and put them into the freezer for some great meals later.

  2. mibsxx says:

    Hi there from a fellow thrifty Loquat, great to see you blogging about your exploits, I know you will be helping a LOT of folks xx well done and I look forward with great interest to your further posts xx

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  4. welcome to the world of blogging and I look forward to reading about this.
    well done, and Im glad for you and your family you are able to make this work. We had a few days away last week and went into Morrisons in Falkirk, and they had a huge amount of stuff knocked down to pennies, got a bag of 2 steak and 2 mince pies for 9p (for all 4 not each) for our tea that night but no point in buying other stuff as we had no fridge in our room.
    Our Morrisons never ever get stuff that cheap at home, and I spoke to a worker in our store on Saturday and he sent its management discretion and our manager only goes down to 50% and the chucks away, so no true bargains to be had here then!!

  5. weasel6 says:

    This is really entertaining as well as inspiring! I’ll be trying harder at my local Morrisons now too.

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