Happy Birthday to Sunny – From MibsBlog XXX

Happy Birthday to you hunny, hope it’s been a good-un!

Missing you loads xx lotsa luv, MibsyXX

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Credit Cards

It’s a really good time of year if you have credit cards to be a credit card tart!

Ok let’s be honest it’s best if you don’t have them at all, but if you are like me (I still owe from when I was a student). Now is a good time to look for balance transfers with interest free introductions.

Just for example My UNISON credit card with Bank of Scotland just wrote to me saying my interest was going up from my introductory off of 0.46% to over 25% as they has noticed a change in my circumstances and as a responsible lender they thought this was in my best interests!

I don’t think so…and no there had been no change in my circumstances nor had I failed at anytime to pay my bill!

The choices they gave were to cancel my card and stay on the same rate or do nothing and be put on this quite frankly outrageous per cent!

I cancelled the card and am on the same rate until it is paid off.

But this terrible behaviour from Bank of Scotland made me look at other credit loans I have. I managed to switch all my credit cards to one very low loan rate (valid until the loans are paid off). I worked out in total this will save me £4567 over the whole of my loans.

So go on and look at the interest rates, there is sure to be a better deal out there!

Become a card tart!

Better still don’t get yourself in credit card debt only the banks will win!

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2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,500 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Ebay free listings

Just a heads up to my followers Ebay is doing a free listing for Easter. From good Friday to Easter Monday.
So if you have unwanted items now is the time to put them on Ebay. TBH I hate Ebay, as what with their fees and paypal you make almost nothing. But with the post going up at the end of April and it being free listing this Easter Now is the time to get rid of any unwanted items without getting fees if the item does not sell.

Also if they don’t sell now is the start of the carboot season so you are quids in…If you can’t Ebay it carboot it!

Good luck everyone hope you can make some cash!

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Another free card offer…be quick as soon as it gets on MSE they will be gone!

“Kukkle.com is offering a FREE personalised Valentine’s Day Card to the first 10,000 loved-up people who takeup this offer. Visit the Valentine’s promotional tab on our Facebook page find out how to claim yours!”

Free postage too so a nice little freebie!

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So sorry not been well but read on for a great freebie!

Here is my very big sorry to all that read my blog. I have come down with a horrid virus (as have most people in my area). Vile bug that seems to hang around and make you very sick, which is why no new news has been on here. As soon as I am better I will be blogging again! (with the help of wonderful Mibs).

In the mean time if you are on Facebook there is a great freebie at Card Town …a free £5 off their cards so you can order a card for free. Great for valentines or birthdays or even as a thank you. No strings attached and I got my free card yesterday and it was lovely and great quality. So just like the FB page and click on the free five pounds voucher on the left hand side!

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Look out! look out! burglars about!

Now I might not have much but I’ll be jiggered if I am going to make it easy for the little I have to be nicked!

So please be warned. On new Years day my lovely neighbours garden was broken into and a mountain bike was nicked. We have high fences in small terraced houses and I was in and so were they but we never heard a thing.

A few days later we saw a “hoodie” on a mountain bike trying to take pictures of my front room over the top of my half – net curtains with a mobile phone (shame he was on a bike and got away).

Another neighbour a few houses up had put a note though my door just before Christmas saying could I watch their house as they were away and worried because a couple of scumbags had been seen in our road.

I have now told everyone in my road and we are all on the look out!

So please where ever you are please keep yourselves and all your property safe. If you need locks on your windows these are quite cheap, if you can’t afford them put screws or nails in and screw the windows shut until you can afford them. Yes it’s a pain but better than your stuff getting pinched.

Make sure you lock all your door and don’t leave windows open (even if you are just popping out).

It’s so horrible to think my neighbours were robbed by some scum bag and that thieves are casing our road.

Play it safe and lock up TBH if I could afford a security system I would buy one straight way.

In the mean time please be on the look out and don’t leave valuables where the scum can see them.

Stay safe everyone!


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